Walter Jones

Political reporter and news analyst

For a quick, witty recap of what's been happening in the Georgia political scene and what's likely to be ahead, Walter Jones's hands-on reporting, network of contacts and years of experience give him the information to provide his readers with insight and a look over the horizon.

A Griffin native, Walter has been covering Georgia politics in Atlanta for the Morris News Service since 1998, and he's been an observer of state and national politics long before that. He oversees a staff of reporters and editors who cover legislative delegations from across the state.

He writes a weekly column of news analysis on Georgia politics. Often, he's been the first to report controversies like the photo-ID voting act and Republican plans for a gasoline-tax holiday.

In addition to being a noted newspaper reporter, Walter has also been a radio announcer, an award-winning public speaker and a leader in various civic and professional organizations.

Contact him at or (404) 589-8424.

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