Heather Hamilton

For approximately ten years Heather Hamilton has been a technician in various forms: computer, audio/video, parking equipment, etc... In her jeans she has connected computers under the desks of CEOs, wired ticket dispensers in dirty parking lots and burned her fingers soldering in small spaces.

In a bright move to create less work for herself, Heather started writing a techie tips and tricks column in the company newsletter. That company, the Savannah Morning News, decided to publish her advice weekly and named Heather - the Prima Data. Heather’s original plan failed as an unsuspecting Prima Data’s support base increased exponentially. The Prima Data now answers questions from readers and attempts to demystify the mysterious. Still a technician at the paper, the only thing that has changed is Heathers photo is now printed along side the writers whose desks she continues to crawl under.

An odd mix of sass and techie savant, the Prima Data is always willing to help if she can or find a nearby desk if she can’t.

The one about music (aka – how can I get sued?)

Router Trials and Errors

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