Glynn Moore

Glynn Moore started writing a personal column while on his first newspaper job as a reporter in 1977 and, because no one really noticed, has kept it up ever since throughout the South. He has won awards from the press associations of several states, sometimes in the “humorous” category and sometimes in the “serious” category, although it’s often difficult to tell which is which when you read him. Most recently, Glynn won the top award for his humorous column in 2004 from the Georgia Press Association and got a free meal, along with an irritated wife who always thought she was the funniest person in Georgia.

Now that he is an editor, his weekly column is his only chance to write, and he loves dealing with personal matters such as children, grandchildren, books and that guy on the cell phone in his SUV who barely avoided killing him on the way to work. He figures that if something happens in his dull life, it most certainly has happened to a majority of his readers and will catch their interest.

Moore column: July 25, 2005

Moore column: March 15, 2004

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