MNS uses the talents of hundreds of reporters throughout the country - from Florida to Alaska - to provide unique stories often bypassed by larger national wire services. Our emphasis is on local stories about real people.

MNS provides twice-daily news budgets, daily sports budgets and weekly features, entertainment and health budgets. Our content includes everything from wine columns to reviews of children's books, movies, DVD, and autos to hard-hitting in-depth investigative stories and even NASCAR coverage.

MNS strives to be innovative with our wire service approach by working with our clients instead of merely providing copy.

MNS is part of Morris Communications Corp. LLC, one of the nation's largest privately held media companies, which also owns 27 daily newspapers and 12 weeklies. In addition, MNS operates bureaus in several capital cities: Atlanta, Georgia, Tallahassee, Florida, Austin, Texas, Columbia, South Carolina, Topeka, Kansas, and Juneau, Alaska.


Our Mission
An innovative news service partnership that excels at providing specialized content for our clients and readers.